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The Dawn of the Space Age.

It was October 5, 1957. A little after midnight at a BBC radio monitoring Station  south of London received a strange signal with slow downward drift, having a strange pattern. After rejected any other possibility

The staff was forced to conclude that the signal was coming from an artificial Satellite orbiting the Earth.

The Space Age has Begun.

The beginning of Space Age. Sputnik 1 was launched 05/10/1957 from Baikonur  USSR






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A VIDEO displaying the procedure to use the new amazing satellite tracking software by Simon Brown

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Dimitrios Pallis SW1JGW   My DXCC List new!!!!!!!! 07/12/2008

PO BOX  86051
185 03 PIRAEUS

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You may also contact with me at my email mc90606@hotmail.com

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