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These are some QSL cards witch are important for me for different reasons

A Polish Special Callsign

a qsl card from Israel

CU3EQ - Azores Archipelago

A long Distance QSO

DH5MK- Germany

Mike is my best Satellite friend!!!

EX8MLT - Kyrgystan

a long distance qso on AO7

EX8MLT - Kyrgystan

F6CDZ - France

Danie from France. A very good friend

GJ7DNI - JERSEY Channel Islands

HB9DRV - Simon Brown

Simon Brown is the well know programmer of Ham Radio Deluxe. Thank you Simon for your excellent job

HB9SKA - Thomas

a very beautifull and elegant QSL Card


Ivo from italy is always qrv on CW and SSB

I8CVS - Domenico

Domenico is a Legend on Satellites. A long history.

I8CVS - Domenico

IW4DVZ - Frank

A great Antenna system! very strong station

IW6OVD - Fernando

Fernando is my first QSO on AO7 mode7

LA4FPA - Norway

Beautifull theme

OH8MBN - Finland

Mika is always QRV on AO7 CW & SSB

OK1DX - Pavel

Very beautifull and artistic card with a them from great book

PH7PCF - The nederlands

Albert from Nederlands

SP9TTX - Polland

a good operator. I have a lot of QSO with him!!

ST2NH - Nader

Nader from exotic Sudan almost daily QRV

SW1EIX- Chriss

Chris is a very good friend. We are working together, licenced the same day. He is a real friend who helped me a lot of times


UA9CS - Asiatic Russia

Igor is my first long distance QSO. A good operator always QRV on AO7 CW and SSB

UT1FG - Maritime Mobile Station

Yiouri is a captain. I have worked him as maritime mobile station

YO9GJX - Florian

Florian is my first and only QSO from Romania. A very good friend. We are talking every day!! thank you Florian

My first 432 EME QSO with Dan HB9Q

My first 432 EME QSO with Dan HB9Q


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